Riding Lessons

Any age and riding ability are welcome! We have horses to suit all needs. Riding lessons are very hands on and personal. You will learn how to go get your horse,  learn how to groom & tack safely and correctly,  then have lesson time on the horse in one of our 5 enclosed arenas. After the riding portion you will learn to untack the horse, groom, bathe your horse and put them away safely.

Private lessons are approximately 1 hour in length and cost $50 per person and includes use of a school horse.

Semi-Private are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and cost $50 per person and includes use of a school horse.

Group lessons of 3 or more riders are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and cost $50 per person and includes use of a school horse.

*prices subject to change without notice


Our relationship with our horses is built on trust and patience, which is achieved by delivering clear and consistent direction. Additionally, we are continuously aware that our horses require the finest environment and care to assure a happy physical and mental well-being. Every horse is treated in a positive and loving manner and is handled with good horsemanship.



Lessons are NOT cancelled due to rain. Instead we take advantage of the wet weather to learn other very important lessons in our large indoor arena or in the barn.  This gives students the opportunity to also learn:

  • Learning how to clean tack correctly
  • Different tack equipment and their purpose
  • Learning how to body clip and trim a horse for show preparation
  • Proper shoeing and trimming of the horse’s hooves
  • Learning how to properly pull and trim a horse’s mane
  • Learning the different parts of the horse